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Service is what we do...

Pamela Harris Gantt recommends Be Kind Be Great.

January 3 at 11:59 AM ·

I know of many who have big hearts, big dreams and great ideas, but very few are able to put those things into motion.

Ericka Brown with Be Kind Be Great, Inc. is not only a visionary, but she’s also a mover and a shaker… she makes things happen.

My husband and I happily support BKBG, Inc. through financial donations and by simply giving of our time through volunteer efforts.

Ericka is an achiever who not only says what she’s going to do to assist the less fortunate and mentor and uplift others, but she does it!

She is a woman of action and Be Kind Be Great, Inc. is the vehicle she uses to motivate, uplift and encourage.

If you’re looking for a naturally bubbly, proven speaker who inspires and brightens, Ericka Brown with Be Kind Be Great, Inc. is your woman. -Kevin and Pamela Gantt

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